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If it’s such a big deal at least post one with your face cropped out I really want to see the armor

do you not understand that i dont have any pictures of it and i need to wait until someone posts one

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You should really post pictures of this cosplay people were really pumped about your makeup test

yeah well the problem is that i have zero pictures of it. (except for a selfie with our condy but i gotta ask her if i can post it) besides the cosplay was incredibly shitty anyway so dont have high expectations


Most seadwellers can only swim in water. Orphaner Dualscar can swim through land.

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Wow fucking rude as ever. Also you said you were gonna draw Erisol foreVER ago and it still hasn’t happened

i knOW but man i was hella busy with making my cosplay and all and exam week is coming soon and i need to study ill draw erisol when i feel like it


'i ship them so much' i whisper to myself as the two characters beat the shit out of each other

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hatred of you reACHES NEW HEIGHTS

oh no i dont like a ship. cry me a river

Anonymous asked: what do u think about eriara...

eeeehhhh i dont like it
like they dont really even interact so?? idk how to feel about it

Anonymous asked: you should draw one of the zahhaks sometime***

I REALLY SHOULD im always like “im gonna draw zahhaks” bUT I NEVER DO??

zahhaks are v important aaa and its been almost half a year since i drew any of them

before you see any of my dualscar photos im gonna say that i meant to have sideburns but i forgot about them even though i mentioned them to my friend while doing my makeup????? idk how that happened but yeah im pissed at myself