I'm a prince(ss)
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This blog is partially NSFW.

Do not use or repost my art without permission and/or credit, please.

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Anonymous asked: waaa i miss seeing your art on my instagram dash but i know it cant be helped ; A;

yeah as i said instagram stopped working on my phone so ill be able to post again after i get a new phone :I it sucks but cant be helped as you said




oop here’s another profile of eridan LOL this was at first just some profile studies then i would draft it… but i liked how eridan’s came out and i wanted to practice doing something painty-ish so HERE WE ARE

Anonymous asked: I am currently going through a strange lolita craving, so thank you for the satisfying lolita things. I'm probably goin to go spend all of my money now and drown in pink cotton and soft lace.


sorry about your money friend i know the feeling :’3 but at least im gonna get some new stuff on friday. hell yea


i got a sudden urge to draw damara at 2am so i did

hammasratas replied to your post: i need to draw a new icon for myself b…

go full on princess on it! also wheres my porn 8)))))))))))))

lets go full on princess then :’D
your porn is only in my head for now bc i have too many ideas and idk which one to draww and it takes too much effort and im lazy 8))))))))

julietisanerd asked: Hi I was wondering how you put the horns on. Sorry if you've said it before, but I usually do headbands, and they're really visible. Thanks! :) (btw, your cosplay is amazing!!)

thanks! uvu

i have a headband under the wig, i push the horns through it
and i literally just attach the horns on the headband with duct tape its nothing fancy lmao