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This blog is partially NSFW.

Do not use or repost my art without permission and/or credit, please.

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chemicals-and-kats asked: I want a kiss to /);n;/) luck Anons get everything

*kisses ur cheek*
youre welcome

mastakelplicker asked: Hi! I was shown your tumblr by a friend but about your art, could I ask for a few tips? I'm pretty bad at line arting and staying focused on a drawing.

im not sure what kind of tips youd like but i know i cant help with the lineart that much because i just normally draw a very messy sketch and a slightly less messy one on top and thats my lineart 8) im too lazy to do it properly tbh. but idk i usually do parts of the lineart on different layers (usually face, hair, the rest of the body, and some possible details) and then merge them into one layer

i usually have problems staying focused while drawing too especially when i dont really like what im drawing but if it looks good to me its easier to continue. whenever i feel like i cant focus anymore i just do something else for a moment and then go back to drawing. and i usually listen to music while drawing, i guess that helps too uvu

Anonymous asked: Hello friend I was just going through your twitter and you seemed kind of down so I just wanted to let you know that you're an amazingly beautiful person (in all genders!) and also a fabulous artist (my personal favorite u~u) and I hope you feel better soon. <3

yeahh ha my twitter is dumb„

but ahh thank you so much anon that was sweet ;;v;;

Anonymous asked: hello! i just wanted to ask if it was okay to use some of your art as a reference? sorry for the trouble doll!

mmm yeah i guess its okay as long as you dont just completely copy the drawing ;;v;;

Anonymous asked: waaa i miss seeing your art on my instagram dash but i know it cant be helped ; A;

yeah as i said instagram stopped working on my phone so ill be able to post again after i get a new phone :I it sucks but cant be helped as you said




oop here’s another profile of eridan LOL this was at first just some profile studies then i would draft it… but i liked how eridan’s came out and i wanted to practice doing something painty-ish so HERE WE ARE

Anonymous asked: I am currently going through a strange lolita craving, so thank you for the satisfying lolita things. I'm probably goin to go spend all of my money now and drown in pink cotton and soft lace.


sorry about your money friend i know the feeling :’3 but at least im gonna get some new stuff on friday. hell yea