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Anonymous asked: Fun story One time in middle school I wasn't rlly listening to my gym teacher's lecture And I heard him mention heart attacks And I just kinda half heartedly mumbled something about death note to my friend I don't even remember what I said But then I realized he was talking about his mother who had recently died of a heart attack And I'm an awful person The end

why are you telling me this??


Psiioniic // Photographer

look at my notes jesus


Touhou Project + Homestuck crossover commission 1


alpha troll highbloods 

gonna add a link to mid/lowbloods later when i finish them uvu

Anonymous asked: You are my headcanon for ALL amporas WOWIE YOU are very good looking friend

thank you!! ;v;

art-a-choke asked: Wowie! Is that your real hair? :D

yes! ;v;

Anonymous asked: HOLY CRAP YOU ARE SO PRETTY (★^O^★)
aahh thank you both so much ;;v;;

mymineawesome replied to your post: you guys asked for selfies so?? i gues…


hell ye B)

replied to your post: you guys asked for selfies so?? i gues…

honey I can’t handle you ;______; you’re too cute <3

<33 thank ;v;

mituna-cakes replied to your post: you guys asked for selfies so?? i gues…

You’re so adorable and pretty!

thank you! ;3;

you guys asked for selfies so?? i guess this is good enough

Anonymous asked: I know the post is about a month old but if you ever open commissions I would love to commission you!! you have such a lovely, distinguishable art style - I can't count the amount of times I've spotted your art on other peoples blogs and recognized it immediately. otherwise I hope you're having a nice day friend!!! 8)

ahh thank you!! im not sure about the commissions though, since i guess i need a paypal account and i think id have to be 18 to make one? yeah idk. well see